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We are a conservation fund that addresses the unavoidable ongoing and cumulative impacts of the operation of the Tapoco Project.

The Tapoco Project includes four dams in North Carolina and Tennessee, on the Little Tennessee and Cheoah Rivers. Our fund focuses on supporting conservation activities to offset project-related impacts to land and water resources in the Lower Little Tennessee River Valley downstream of the Tennessee –North Carolina state line.

Specific Fund Objectives Include:

Provide funding for land and water activities on an ongoing basis during the forty (40) year term of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued license for the Tapoco Project

Encourage focused land and water stewardship, restoration, and enhancement activities that compliment regional conservation priorities.

Conservation Significance

The Tapoco Project is situated between Great Smoky National Park and the Nantahala and Cherokee National Forests. This region is known to have unparalleled aquatic life and is habitat to several federally endangered and recreationally important fish species, such as smallmouth bass and rock bass.

Current and Future Conservation Efforts:
  • Fish Stocking
  • Mussel Restoration
  • Snail Restoration
  • Exotic Plant Control
  • Zebra Mussel Monitoring and Control
  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Hemlock Adelgid Control
  • Public Awareness
  • Conservation Education
  • Forest Habitat Enhancement
  • Calderwood Bypass Management
  • Recreational Enhancement
Grant Opportunities

For the forty (40) year term of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued license to the Tapoco Project, a maximum of $100,000 will be awarded annually through grants. Grants may be provided in multiyear increments to encourage sustained conservation efforts. Grants from the fund may be combined with funds from other sources for more comprehensive mitigation or enhancement projects. A Request for Proposals is circulated by the Fund board each fall, with an annual due date of November 1.

Contact any of the organizations listed under “Leadership” for a copy of the most recent RFP.